Initial Review: iPad Pro 10.5″ & Logitech Slim Combo

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iPad Pro 10.5″


I won’t bore everyone with a lengthy review of the iPad Pro 10.5″. Reviews will be popping up everywhere as people get it, and some “big” sites got review units early.

Needless to say, the new iPad is fast. Like, really fast. I still haven’t decided yet if it is primarily just the increased refresh rate of the screen which makes things appear “faster” to the eye or what. But regardless of what it actually is, this iPad is fast.


The screen is great. True Tone, which is on the 9.7″ iPad Pro as well, is very nice. The slight size increase does actually make a lot of difference. After using various iPads for so many years, it’s nice to finally have one with a much smaller bezel.



As I said before, the new iPad is very fast, almost overkill right now though to be honest. iOS 11 will be more important than the latest hardware update. iOS 11 has the potential to really change how people use their iPads, especially with the newly beefed up hardware.

Logitech Slim Combo 10.5″



The Logitech Slim Combo is an alternative to the Apple branded keyboards with Smart Connector. It’s (slightly) cheaper, and includes a case which protects the actual iPad itself. My initial Hands On post can be found here, so I won’t repeat what I have already posted.



As shown above, the Slim Combo also includes a Pen holder, which is not available on the Apple set. The case is separate parts, so you don’t need to have the keyboard connected at all times. The keyboard is almost full size. The keys are spaced fairly close together, but if you are used to a chiclet style keyboard, getting used to it is not an issue. The backlit keys (shown below) are nice, but what I noticed is they dim off after about 3-4 seconds of not touching the keyboard. This is a feature to minimize battery drain of the iPad since the Smart Connector is what is powering the keyboard itself.



Final Notes


The iPad Pro 10.5″ is a beast. It’s fast, the screen is amazing, and from what I can tell so far the battery life is great too. But, it’s limited by iOS 10. I will write up a more detailed review once iOS 11 hits the public, which will also be after a few months of use with the iPad Pro. If you have a 9.7″ iPad Pro, I do not recommend upgrading to the new 10.5″. It’s just not worth it. But if you have an older iPad and are looking into something new, with Pen support, I see no reason not to buy it. If budget is a factor, look into buying the 9.7″ iPad Pro from stores such as Best Buy. They are selling them $150 off right now.

The Logitech Slim Combo is nice. I highly recommend it. Just make sure you have a specific use for the keyboard before spending so much money on a keyboard set though.  It’s highly responsive with little to no lag at all. The backlit keys are nice especially in low light situations. I honestly can’t wait to use this along side iOS 11 just to see how productive of a kit it actually becomes. Keep an eye out for more info here on the site.

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