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The Redesign…


A lot goes in to relaunching a site. Content needs created obviously, but the behind the scenes work is the majority of the process. As you have noticed, I haven’t made any posts in the past month or so. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about, that is never really the issue. The issue is the setup of how I want to publish the content to my site. I’m unsure of the direction I’d like to go with the site. It used to be hugely successful (from a personal point of view). I made much more ad revenue than the site cost to run. I had a fairly large community back when I had a forum. It was great. At one point I even had 3 people writing articles for the site. I’ve been holding off on the content until I get the general function of the site exactly how I want it. 

Time and Relevance


I had a massive backlog of content from the past 15 years or so on the site. That content still got traffic. As time went by, the frequency of traffic slowly dwindled. I understand how things you post online tend to be relevant for only so long. That’s why I decided to remove everything and start over. In some ways it’s great. No old information to waste time/space, but it also means I need to create more content, quite a bit more now that the archive of information is no longer here.


A New Year Ahead


Starting in 2017, the 15th anniversary of the site, I will pick up the pace. I will make posts regularly, along with a few friends who will help to provide more content for the site. So hang in there for now while I get everything configured and all the behind the scenes work done.


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